Thursday, 10 April 2014

Xxlta instabilities on custom ROM

Last time my phone running on SweetROM v11 (I think), repeatedly having a ROM crash up until I can't go into the normal screens and stuck on the samsung screen only. The only way is to revert back to an older nandroid backup which is quite annoying when these kept on happening until I found a good solution.

I found out that this thing happened due to the Samsung Apps kept on updating itself and I didn't realize it was the culprit behind the ROM crash until I decided to think about it again. The weird thing is, it didn't happen right after the Samsung Apps were updated, rather it was about at least 24 hour then the ROM will started to crash and you had to revert to the old nandroid backups which is very annoying isn't it.

The solution is to delete/remove the Samsung Apps apk from the system and also try avoid to update nor open it. When I did that, the ROM never crashed. I'm not sure if this problem also present on other lta based custom or stock, but I'm running on ltc now and removed the Samsung Apps apk just to be sure that the current ROM won't crash again.

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