Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Fake Note 3

I know this is an old news, but some people still get fooled by the appearance of the Fake Galaxy Note 3. I will list down possibilities of a fake note 3 features as well as some tips on how to spot them on my video here.

First of all, here is the list of possibilities that the Note 3 is a fake.
  • Button on S-Pen not clickable and the tip is thicker.
  • No resistance when swiping S-pen on the screen surface.
  • The clickable button is far at the top (Middle of the S-pen body).
  • No Multi-Window (only one apps can be opened).
  • Antutu Benchmark Pre-installed.
  • Shows kitkat 4.4 but jelly bean when tapping the versions multiple times.
  • S-Note missing.
  • S-Note present but something is off, unlike its predecessor.
  • Color distortion when pressing the screen (some but most).
  • Any rubber or metal can be used as input on the screen.

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