Saturday, 27 April 2013

Change Default Font Through Registry for Online Game

I've been using Win XP for years and I really do love it due to its flexibilities over Win 7 especially its windows explorer behavior that isn't too much of a headache when an advanced user like me using it. I've been playing online game as well and the downside of the game is it uses the default font called Arial families and this post is all about changing them especially the font style on the game and possibly on other online games as well.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Possible Fixes for RocketROM Reloaded V1

RRRv1 is a great ROM and I've never used any other ROM besides stock and RocketROM series before. The latest development going around right before the released RRRv1 is to have Note 2's s-apps included on our N7000.

RocketROM Reloaded v1 XXLSZ

Eybee is back with his new RocketROM Reloaded (RRR) and this time, optimized for battery and performance, as well as based on the official Jelly Bean ROM by Samsung, XXLSZ. You all know I wouldn't post a screenshot as well especially the benchmark scores and the battery performance screenshots. Although the time I wrote this posts is quite late, the RRRv1 was released in 13th April 2013 and of course, to see how this ROM performs before writing any posts. 

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Facebook Chat Head

Some of you might be wondering, does Facebook Head Chats only on Facebook Home? The answer is no, of course. I just updated my Facebook Messenger on my phone, and just got the new Chat Head feature in the new update. Not much to say though but it does its own issues especially on Galaxy Note series (I think) and other application integrated with Facebook. I've been using Digsby application for around 6 years and the support from developer team has dropped leaving the users completely in dark ages with many bugs. What's the relationship? Well, Digsby has been known for its multi-IM support and very simple to use, very clean UI as well.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Galaxy Note Battery (GT-N7000)

I just bought a new original battery for my Galaxy Note, priced at RM139 which costs me a lot. There are several other batteries with different pricing available out there from RM30 to RM120 but beware, these could be a fake batteries. Fake batteries won't last long like the originals and lesser capacities as well. Luckily, I'm able to recall the sole distributor for Samsung accessories called Sunweu or Sun-U for short.