Wednesday, 7 November 2012

[Review] RocketROM V2 Jelly Bean

RRv2 has been released by eybee1970 about yesterday. There isn't much changes though in this v2 except various fixes and several other apps from the old RR ICS series has been included as well listed below

Changelogs by eybee1970:
  • all fixes included (remaining bugs are Capslock on Sammy keyboard when starting, no prod. tools in SNote, videocam zooming issue)
  • all Mods from v1
  • added Beats Audio
  • 15 Toggle Mod Stocklook as extra flashable zip (see post #3)
  • extended SettingsMenu
  • various changes to make it faster and smoother
  • added fix for airview
  • added new gmail + other useful apps in /data
  • others I forgot for now...