Wednesday, 31 October 2012

[Review] Rocket ROM V1 Jelly Bean

Recently I got my hands on the latest Jelly Bean (JB) released by eybee1970 from xda forum, a guy with quite the reputation with his remarkable Rocket ROM series ever since the Gingerbread release. I am quite satisfied with this Rocket ROM v1 JB even though it's just a leak version of JB but it's quite stable, fast and smooth as well. 

The downside of this leaked ROM is that there are some apps crashed when opening it and some of them have unexpected behavior. However, getting to this JB leak is not easy due to several apps are force closing like the default music player when playing a music, Samsung keyboard that stays as upper cased when "auto capitalization" are checked and some other apps. Music player can be fixed by patching the system/app file and fix permissions after patched. In overall, this ROM need an experienced user to fix the problem else the phone will stay in a bootloop resulting in need of flashing the ROM again.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Nandroid Backup/Restore procedure in details

This is the information that I've been seeking ever since the ICS has been released back in May. The information regarding these procedure was insufficient and I didn't have the details and clear understanding of doing a nandroid backup/restore procedure while avoiding triggering a brickbug code inside the kernel. Here is the procedure:

Backup (Any ROM):
  1. Use a safe brick free kernel that works with your ROM (Recommended).
  2. Go into CWM.
  3. Do nandroid backup.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Borderlands 2 LAN over internet steam and non-steam

I got my hands on the latest Borderlands 2 and updated it to v1.1.0 and had to rely on Steam to run and you need to have an account to start Steam and run Borderlands 2 as well. I've found some of the workarounds how to play Borderlands 2 in LAN party over the internet (VPN) using this guide.

I don't take any credits for the Borderlands 2 over Hamachi fix/tutorial. Apparently, in order to play Borderlands 2, the other player needs to take note of the Borderlands 2 host's Hamachi IP address and paste it at the back of the destination. Anyway, just follow the links given above and you're good to go.