Sunday, 20 May 2018

Updating Atheros Drivers on Asus K501LX

I had this laptop for quite a while now I think I bought this laptop the Asus K501LX somewhere around 2016 and the most downfall of laptop's internal parts are their outdated drivers. Not to mention that the old drivers lacks certain features and optimisations, but they also might have issues with newer OS or hardwares.

My issues was actually the bluetooth hardware provided by Atheros, the official driver provided was from asus is an old driver released in year 2015 and can be found here (for my K501LX of course). The driver version was and what I installed right now is which is actually a newer and compatible version.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Digispark Clones

I ordered few digisparks from China and I wanted to use it for my project. I used all of the pins on the digispark and one particular pin that I couldn't use properly was the P5 on the digispark. I used the P5 as an input to read and output them on P0. The chinese digispark however, when something connected to the P5, the digispark somewhat resets itself.

Monday, 3 April 2017

I Don't Remember

How long has it been since the last post I wonder, I couldn't remember the last post that I made to this blog here. It is such a shame that this blog was left untouched for at least two years.

I will try to put new contents to this blog site, the designs will stay since I kind of like it because it is nice to see those css thingy, colour picked for the appearance, it is just.... pleasing to my eyes. Although this blog primarily not for me to keep on viewing everyday but for you readers out there, I try to design this blog's appearance to be gentle to look at rather than striking colours.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Slow Upload Speed

I got frustrated when trying to upload objects into thingiverse and it kept failing. Furthermore the speed was horrible by about 7kbps and it dropped.

Reason being was that there's an option called Large Send Offload (IPv4) enabled on my NIC's "advanced" tab.

After disabling this option, I got full speed by about 50kbps speed and successfully uploaded my object. Source are here and I don't recall enabling them in the past. Further reading about LSO are here

Monday, 28 April 2014

Black screen on Waze/Flipboard

I was wondering why Waze goes into black screen after clicking the report button along with Flipboard, after coming back from recently opened apps. I found out that these apps will go into this state on mostly de-odexed ROMs, I did however tried on my stock odexed samsung ROM, xxltc recently released somewhere around January I think.

What came to my surprise was that Waze didn't go into black screen. Rather, it just performs normally. If you're on the de-odexed ROM, chances to get the black screen is quite high. To get the normal behavior, you need to relaunch the app again.